What socia media done to us?

If there would be a survey who adopted millions of millions orphans in past years, So,the clear winner will be Social media! Nowadays people are so obsessed with this that every third person wants to be an influencer.

Time is changing, So, basic situation too, like. We have often seen are moms comparing our marksheet with her friend’s child but now the situation is slightly same but in place of marksheet you can add that how many likes we got in our latest reels!

Nowadays tinny toddlers who doesn’t know how to speak properly but nailing it in reels.

In today’s world people just want fame no matter how! Nowadays getting one million likes is so easy.. Now I can relate why political parties don’t have to do much to pursuade people to vote them.

Today more than humans animals are trending! People have just crossedthe heights of cringe. Now there lifeline is Internet. Nowadays parents themselves are snatching there kid’s childhood.

Today there is no need for makeup because filters have just changed it all!!

But why we don’t understand that if audience themselves will start acting, So, who will be there to appreciate us?

#SocialMedia #don’t get adopted without knowing to whom

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