Sometimes death seems better than living…,want to hold myself but couldn’t have the guts to stand properly also, this is the same thoughts that is common in all of us..

Though we all know that there is an end of everything so of us but than also we don’t leave anything to humiliate a person regardless of situation the person is going is so funny that after a person’s death what we are actually concerned is about the cause but what about the situation he’s been through?

Wound gives us intense pain no matter how small or big it is.. Some leaves physical scars and some leaves mentally, I met a person who was scared mentally.. Life is so unpredictable that it gives you the answer and question both right way but chases you till the end to frame the answer in right aspect. We in way to frame it mistakes to frame our end so this person did..

From the very starting life gave her tough calls to answer.. But she didn’t gave hope and tried atleast to walk slowly but as the time passed she got rotten inside.. one day life gave her a call which took her to the very end of her life and guess what the outcome came from us that she was a pathetic looser…

But what about the scars that rotted her away? That she choose this path and what about we people who made her to walk this way that she ended here. It so easy to look from far away!

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