Today’s world….

Today’s world is all about competition and the one who lacks competitive ability remains where he was…! It’s so easy to say this lines in front of a newcomer but what about the uniqueness if everybody will focus on a never-ending competition so who will be able to make a difference!

When I was in school my fellow student was pathetically bad in maths one day my school teacher asked her , ‘What do you plan in future that you want to depend on your future husband’ ? She humiliated her in front of all the students, That day I felt sad not for the student but for the teacher that she might be a failure in a mere subject but that teacher failed in basic life subject i.e humanity!

Do that teacher have seen her future? Ofcourse not but for sure she has given her a wound so that if she thinks to walk straight so that wound will make her remember that teacher ‘s words and now she will think five times before taking up a succeeding step!

Why we can’t be more generous to others when we know that there is an end of everything but than also? We are so pathetic in every aspect of life!

Qoute – Digging up the fate shows your dependency, Digging up your past shows your fear in future, Digging up people’s opinions leads to insecurities, stop focusing on digging up your way instead focus on making it!


  1. Obong eno says:

    Great inspiration here ❤️

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