We often tend to believe others instead of our own self and that’s why the one who suffers the most at last is only us…Nowadays everything is moving so fast that we sometimes in a way to catch the speed looses ourselves… From starting we make judgments through our experiences and what we have taught but what if that teaching is based on an ideology?

When I were in school so we used to have Character formation period, So in that our teachers used to teach us that no matter what happens just believe in yourself and you will achieve everything and after being defaulters in any field the same teacher used to say that why you have to go beyond your capabilities? When I were at home so my dad always gives big lectures to me about how to achieve something and while throwing tons of his thoughts on me…. He also kept saying that choose a field where a girl like you can fit!

In college professors used to teach us about how to make our career brighter and at the same time they also tell us this that join this company or that company which can give you sufficient amount.

That’s so funny that half of the world population is confused about that career, studies claims that they are lazy or procrastinating, etc, but no one claims that there path makers are the one who are confusing them… According to me they are not confused.. ofcourse everyone has something in their mind that they like or wants to keep doing…

But the thought that are engraved in their minds which are taught by our teachers or parents which are based on their ideologies … that they are not confused but are concerned about the consequences and results, What if we fail? What am not able to do? What will the society say? And who forced them to think that way?I basically think that the one whom our teaching us if doesn’t know the real meaning of it and we blindly believe what they say leads us to total destruction. The only way to stop being a follower of them is to be a follower of ourselves, believe in yourself not on the others, trust yourself what if you fail atleast at the end you will not be in guilt that you instead of believing yourself believed in someone else.

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