We often tend to believe others instead of our own self and that’s why the one who suffers the most at last is only us…Nowadays everything is moving so fast that we sometimes in a way to catch the speed looses ourselves… From starting we make judgments through our experiences and what we have taught but what if that teaching is based on an ideology?

When I were in school so we used to have Character formation period, So in that our teachers used to teach us that no matter what happens just believe in yourself and you will achieve everything and after being defaulters in any field the same teacher used to say that why you have to go beyond your capabilities? When I were at home so my dad always gives big lectures to me about how to achieve something and while throwing tons of his thoughts on me…. He also kept saying that choose a field where a girl like you can fit!

In college professors used to teach us about how to make our career brighter and at the same time they also tell us this that join this company or that company which can give you sufficient amount.

That’s so funny that half of the world population is confused about that career, studies claims that they are lazy or procrastinating, etc, but no one claims that there path makers are the one who are confusing them… According to me they are not confused.. ofcourse everyone has something in their mind that they like or wants to keep doing…

But the thought that are engraved in their minds which are taught by our teachers or parents which are based on their ideologies … that they are not confused but are concerned about the consequences and results, What if we fail? What am not able to do? What will the society say? And who forced them to think that way?I basically think that the one whom our teaching us if doesn’t know the real meaning of it and we blindly believe what they say leads us to total destruction. The only way to stop being a follower of them is to be a follower of ourselves, believe in yourself not on the others, trust yourself what if you fail atleast at the end you will not be in guilt that you instead of believing yourself believed in someone else.

Almighty and us….

Our birth is done, Our end is final, Our future is God’s will, Our present is our will, Our heart beats at the will of God, Our heart work at the will of us, We cry for others, God cry for us, We destroy our lives for others, He destroys us for the sake to stand again!

Our path is decided by God, To take a step forward is our will, We in influence of others loose our faith in God, God tries to hold us back after that also, We in good times often forgets God, but he never gives us on whether in good or bad, We lives our life, God lives us!

Today’s world….

Today’s world is all about competition and the one who lacks competitive ability remains where he was…! It’s so easy to say this lines in front of a newcomer but what about the uniqueness if everybody will focus on a never-ending competition so who will be able to make a difference!

When I was in school my fellow student was pathetically bad in maths one day my school teacher asked her , ‘What do you plan in future that you want to depend on your future husband’ ? She humiliated her in front of all the students, That day I felt sad not for the student but for the teacher that she might be a failure in a mere subject but that teacher failed in basic life subject i.e humanity!

Do that teacher have seen her future? Ofcourse not but for sure she has given her a wound so that if she thinks to walk straight so that wound will make her remember that teacher ‘s words and now she will think five times before taking up a succeeding step!

Why we can’t be more generous to others when we know that there is an end of everything but than also? We are so pathetic in every aspect of life!

Qoute – Digging up the fate shows your dependency, Digging up your past shows your fear in future, Digging up people’s opinions leads to insecurities, stop focusing on digging up your way instead focus on making it!

New normal..

Life is an ongoing testimony with endless chapters so a new chapter has begun i.e New Normal. With this the world has started to live in a different way.. Work from home! Today we all live in a world where people have lost all kinds of emotions and almost in a race to loose all connections with their loved ones.

Today fake is real and is trending! We people in a way to avoid our stress gives invitation to more stress like half the day working or time passing through the phone or laptop than whole day lying on the bed. No physical exertion body goes through but what it’s actually going through is mental exertion whole day, whole weak and year which leads to the burst of the bubble!

Nowadays we people have forgotten to talk like we are natural dumb. I myself is one of this type and I have realized that I am only leading myself to a way of destruction.

We are now the slaves of technology and I think that day is not far away where our future generations will have all kinds of body issues in physical exertion because we are the one who are leading them to in that way.

Actually us humans are the one who don’t know the real meaning of balance in all aspects whether it’s love, family or work but than also we say we are the most amazing creation of God!


Sometimes death seems better than living…,want to hold myself but couldn’t have the guts to stand properly also, this is the same thoughts that is common in all of us..

Though we all know that there is an end of everything so of us but than also we don’t leave anything to humiliate a person regardless of situation the person is going is so funny that after a person’s death what we are actually concerned is about the cause but what about the situation he’s been through?

Wound gives us intense pain no matter how small or big it is.. Some leaves physical scars and some leaves mentally, I met a person who was scared mentally.. Life is so unpredictable that it gives you the answer and question both right way but chases you till the end to frame the answer in right aspect. We in way to frame it mistakes to frame our end so this person did..

From the very starting life gave her tough calls to answer.. But she didn’t gave hope and tried atleast to walk slowly but as the time passed she got rotten inside.. one day life gave her a call which took her to the very end of her life and guess what the outcome came from us that she was a pathetic looser…

But what about the scars that rotted her away? That she choose this path and what about we people who made her to walk this way that she ended here. It so easy to look from far away!

What socia media done to us?

If there would be a survey who adopted millions of millions orphans in past years, So,the clear winner will be Social media! Nowadays people are so obsessed with this that every third person wants to be an influencer.

Time is changing, So, basic situation too, like. We have often seen are moms comparing our marksheet with her friend’s child but now the situation is slightly same but in place of marksheet you can add that how many likes we got in our latest reels!

Nowadays tinny toddlers who doesn’t know how to speak properly but nailing it in reels.

In today’s world people just want fame no matter how! Nowadays getting one million likes is so easy.. Now I can relate why political parties don’t have to do much to pursuade people to vote them.

Today more than humans animals are trending! People have just crossedthe heights of cringe. Now there lifeline is Internet. Nowadays parents themselves are snatching there kid’s childhood.

Today there is no need for makeup because filters have just changed it all!!

But why we don’t understand that if audience themselves will start acting, So, who will be there to appreciate us?

#SocialMedia #don’t get adopted without knowing to whom