New normal..

Life is an ongoing testimony with endless chapters so a new chapter has begun i.e New Normal. With this the world has started to live in a different way.. Work from home! Today we all live in a world where people have lost all kinds of emotions and almost in a race to loose all connections with their loved ones.

Today fake is real and is trending! We people in a way to avoid our stress gives invitation to more stress like half the day working or time passing through the phone or laptop than whole day lying on the bed. No physical exertion body goes through but what it’s actually going through is mental exertion whole day, whole weak and year which leads to the burst of the bubble!

Nowadays we people have forgotten to talk like we are natural dumb. I myself is one of this type and I have realized that I am only leading myself to a way of destruction.

We are now the slaves of technology and I think that day is not far away where our future generations will have all kinds of body issues in physical exertion because we are the one who are leading them to in that way.

Actually us humans are the one who don’t know the real meaning of balance in all aspects whether it’s love, family or work but than also we say we are the most amazing creation of God!


  1. Gail says:

    You bring up some interesting points. People are becoming accustomed to isolation. Lack of energy is destructive to the mind as well as the body. 🤔

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